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HQ Sessions

An "HQ session" is great for law firm owners who know they need help, but aren’t quite sure what needs to be done.

I come to you to discuss your specific needs,  learn about your resources, review the services we can offer, and agree on the scope of work. Virtual HQ Sessions are also available.

After the HQ assessment, RadAd can execute any of the recommendations that come out of it, whether you need an on-going relationship, a person to fill the gap, or help with a short-term special project.

Here's what we do:

Your Docs

Business Plans

Policies & Procedures

Employee Handbooks

Job Descriptions

Employment Agreements

Your "Ops"

Client Engagement

Case Management

Document Management

Lead Tracking

Referral Programs

Marketing Plans

Your Crew

Hiring Practices

Compensation Models

Employee Supervision

Performance Reviews

Training & Education

Your Reports

Caseload & Workload

Calendar Management


Employee Performance

Time Tracking

Your Money

Budget development

Compensation models

Accounts receivable collections

Operational expenses

Cash flow forecasting

But, Wait ... There's More!

We also offer the option of an On-site or Virtual Law Firm Administrator or Chief Operating Officer, 1-3 days a week.

These engagements include a 1-2 week onsite HQ assessment: staff interviews, technology reviews, policies & procedure audits, and efficiency & resource reviews and recommendations. They also include ongoing 1 hour weekly or quarterly Management Team & RadAd Meetings.

Available at the conclusion of the engagement, RadAd Subscription Plans give you a dedicated Admin who will build a relationship with you and understand your business and risk profile. RadAd will continue monthly and quarterly “check ins” (a/k/a strategy calls) to ensure smooth operations and offer advice and counsel for the next stage of the business life cycle.

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