I help business owners and law firm solos create the efficiencies they need so they can focus on what they love.

Radical Administration was founded with the goal helping businesses be more profitable by building efficient administrative and workflow systems.


Nichole, HRADIC

“I love policies & procedures, reports and metrics…” said No. One. Ever. Except, well, me. But policies & procedures, reports & metrics, and sound human resources and financial systems are exactly what entrepreneurs need in order to successfully (and profitably) run a business!

CEOs need a trusted adviser and thought partner who can help them figure out how to Assess, Plan, and Execute their vision. I am that adviser and thought partner.

Before I was the RadAd, I was a legal administrator turned lawyer. I was a legal administrator at the in the largest criminal defense firm in Tampa (and the 4th largest in Florida), with more than 200 employees and 60,000 incoming cases every year. For more than fifteen years at the Public Defender’s Office, I did everything (except practice law) ... I wrote employee handbooks and standard operating procedures; designed websites and annual reports; tested new technology; trained staff; designed and deployed time-keeping systems and case management systems; and produced the metrics that helped supervisors understand how to balance people and processes. Along the way, I earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. When I started law school, I was also supervising more than forty legal secretaries and data entry clerks.

After law school, I handled the office’s in-house operations and legal needs. I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Public Defender Association, and served as a two-time Chair of the Office Administration Committee, where I was involved with organizational management at a statewide level. I represented Florida’s Public Defenders on the Florida Courts Technology Commission. I regularly worked with multidisciplinary teams to successfully handle issues related to attorney professionalism, human resources, records management, corporate governance, and technology. I was most recently an attorney and COO at Uncommon Legal, P.A., doing business, employment, and intellectual property law.

I've supervised, managed, trained, educated, and executed as a boss. Now, I'm here to help you be a business badass.

Think of me as an educator and translator, who can bring groups together and speak a common language to accomplish goals. Think of me as an organizer, who understands how to implement processes that create measurable results. Think of me as a planner who knows how to begin with the end in mind.

Think of me as someone who can show you how progressive change brings radical results.

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